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Quality Miso is Good for Women

Quality Miso is Good for Women

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Ramen Class Miso Master MisoMiso Ramen with Miso Master Miso

Great Eastern Sun! We loved the Miso Master Miso, in our miso paste for miso ramen. It was a surprise for some to learn that traditional, good quality miso is made (not in Japan, but) in America.

By the way I use your quality miso – non-GMO, organic, kosher – everyday in my kitchen in order to enjoy miso asparagus soupsoup both in the traditional Japanese way and in the new Hiroko’s American Kitchen way. When I open the lid of your miso tub the message written on the inner, thin lid reminds me that consuming quality miso in proper portion every day is a very good miso soup breast cancerthing for women. I want to share this message with other women in the world. Your message reads: “Miso Soup Consumption linked with up to 50% Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer”. Let’s enjoy the miso soup with quality miso.

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