Crazy About Currywurst

Posted on Sep 10, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

currywurstIn Berlin there is a dish that should not be missed. It is historical. It is nothing fancy. It is an inexpensive fast-food. It is fun. It is iconic. Since it is so popular that it shows up as one of snack items at posh Lufthansa Lounges at the airport. There is a museum built for it.

So, my expectation on currywurst reached to the peak when we arrived at Berlin. During the tour to Brandenburg Tor, Jewish Memorial Museum, impressive Reichstag, Topographie des Terros, Check Point Charlie, East Side Gallery, I tried the dish at 7 venues, including the Curry 36 recommended by Fodor’s. Every time when I tried it, I was thinking that there should be better place. On hearing my frustration our friend, Markus suggested that Konnopke ( should meet with my expectation. It is located under U-bhan station. On our last day in Berlin after our dinner we hopped on a train and headed to Konnopke. Unfortunately, we ended up at wrong station and missed the opportunity to try the best one. Who invented currywurst seems to be controversial. Here is the Berlin story,, and this link shows the one in Hamburg, Both story shares similarity. The inventors were women in both cities – Herta Heuwer and Lena Brucker, and the time of invention was just after the World War II, during which everyone struggled to regain the normality and stability of their life out of the rubbles. No matter we are impressed with its flavor or not currywurst is a history.