Japanese Mixologist and Japanese Bar Tools

Posted on Sep 14, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

Shin IkedaWith a deba knife (fish butchering knife) Shin Ikeda diligently worked on a rough, crystal clear rock of ice. Soon he carved the piece into a perfect tennis ball-like shape. Shin Ikeda is a mixologist and the owner of B Flat, a Japanese style bar in East Village, New York City. https://www.bflat.info/

Shin Ikeda arrived in New York City in 1995 with a big dream of becoming a great jazz guitarist. Competition was so tough in the music business that Shin quickly shifted his focus to becoming a great bartender. While playing the guitar in Japan he was working as a bartender to make ends meet anyway. In the Big Apple Shin easily got a job as a bartender at Angel’s Share, in East Village, where he worked until 2007 before opening his own space. Shin serves signature cocktails such as wasabi infused vodka and sake martini, among many specialties.

Shin uses impeccably maintained an array of Japanese bar tools imported from Japan. Japanese bar tools are accurate, aesthetic and efficient, Shin says. No wonder the Japanese bar tools are creating buzz among American mixologist in the city. Are you interested in trying out Japanese bar tools? You can find them at New York Mutual Trading website: https://www.mtckitchen.com Cocktail time is any time.

Lastly here is one message from Shin. In New York most of the bartenders uses a shaker for Manhattan. It is wrong. Manhattan should be stirred.

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