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Basic Sushi 101

Basic Sushi 101

Category: Hiroko's Blog

EJC1Toward the end of the year we will be celebrating annual events with our family and holding parties for our friends. For such an occasion making this case, I mean the rolled ones, both traditional and inside-out, is a wonderful idea. Sushi, which was cut it into bite sized pieces, is wonderful finger food. Today sushi is sold at every venue. Even at my neighbor drugstore in New York city sells it. Instead of grabbing them for your party, why don’t we make the better ones at our home.

Please join me on October 24th at International Culinary Center to learn Basic Sushi 101. It is an evening class. From 6:00-10:00pm. Sign up online or call 888-324-2433.

Here are the learning objectives:

  • Perfect sushi rice
  • Pickled ginger and pickled jalapeno
  • Sushi dipping sauce and spicy miso mayo
  • Japanese omelet
  • Hosomaki with cucumber and wasabi
  • Hosomaki with pickled daikon, kaiware and katsuobushi
  • Inside-out: shiitake, tamago and avocado
  • Inside-out: spicy tuna
  • Inside-out: shrimp tempura

Hope to see you there and have fun together!

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