Sharpening My Knife

Posted on Oct 15, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

ShaptonThere are several ways to sharpen the knives on water stone. I learned my way from the president of Knife System Co., Junro Aoki, in Sakai, Osaka, Japan. Mr. Aoki sells selection of quality knives through, a Japanese trading company, Korin (, which specializes quality knives, cooking equipments and tableware. Here is how to do video from – Knife System Co’s link

Recently I met Harrelson Stanley (he liked to be called Hap, since Japanese people cannot pronounce his name correctly) at a MTC Kitchen ( event. Hap is the president of HMS Enterprises, Inc. and distribute Shapton sharpening stone. Three years ago I have switched from old school, brown sharpening stone to Shapton and I am extremely happy with the product. So, I was curious how he uses Shapton. The way he sharpen the knife was very different from Mr. Aoki’s technique. Here is the link to the video and you can compare it. You can try both ways and find the one which makes sense to you.

my water stoneI have been sharpening my knives in the way, which Mr. Aoki taught me, so I am determined to stay with his way. But, Hap gave me several good tips. 1. Position the stone one inch below our navel. 2. Don’t soak Sharpton water stone 3. Do not put unnecessary pressure on the knife on the stone, while sharpening. 4. Fix and flatten the surface of the stoneĀ even after every use. Thank you, Hap. It helped me to sharpen my knives better.