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Tamed Pigeon

Tamed Pigeon

Category: Hiroko's Blog

pigeon 1Washington Square always entertains us with different street artists. We saw new artist yesterday. They own domesticated pigeons….

From far away we spotted a woman and a flock of pigeons on the ground. There were several by standers around them. Pigeons were not moving. Were they hypnotized by the woman? As we approached to the pigeons and woman we learned that the pigeons are stuffed birds! In the photo you can see her finishing an additional pigeon, which later joined to the troop on the ground.

pigeon, baby, dogA baby approached to the pigeons and she was very excited to see them not flying away. A dog approached to the pigeons and sniffed. The dog was not much interested in the frozen pigeons, because they are not edible.

Thank you, pigeon lady, for the great art exhibition!;pigeons mom

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