New Holiday Dessert: Try Uguisu-mochi

Posted on Dec 24, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

 Uguisu HWant entertain your family and guests with something new dessert during this holiday season? How about the Japanese dessert with rice and beans? This home made version is surely better than the commercial mochi ice cream in flavor and texture.

Check out the great SAVEUR 100 COOKS’ EDITION which just came out. It is issue 171. On page 78 #item 98 you will find my Uguisu-mochi recipe. Uguisu-mochi is made from sticky rice flour, which produces very tender and soft texture, and sweet azuki bean paste as a stuffing. Uguisu is a bush songbird. The sweet is so named because of the appearance of the sweet. (Well, if you are not told so, you may won’t guess it right, though….) Uguisu is beloved by Japanese because of its beautiful voice. At the beginning of spring, the males sing aggressively to woo female partners. Uguisu-mochi is made in spring. This sweet remind us the time for the bird to create a new generation. The complete recipe is posted on page 79. Start making uguisu-mochi now. When the spring comes your uguisu-mochi will be perfect.