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Hiroko’s New Class at ICC

Hiroko’s New Class at ICC

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Want to cook with Japanese flavors like miso, shiso, dashi and want to learn how to make tender, gooey super delicious mochi? Join me this coming March 13th at International Culinary Center.

What you will learn;

In this course you will learn how to fuse Japanese flavors and cooking techniques with American favorites and readily available ingredients to create universally appealing, easy to prepare (even to fit for weeknight meal) dishes.

Recipes include:

  • Cauliflower leek soup with miso and a shiso chiffonade
  • Crisp salmon, brussels sprouts, purple potatoes and kale in a dill daikon dashi
  • Mochi stuffed with adzuki and nutella

I look forward to cooking with YOU!




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