Precision, Technology and Cool Design from Japan

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 in Hiroko's Blog

I was away in Japan for the 2015 Culinary Tour to Japan with Hiroko, for over 20 days. Towards the end of my stay in strainer precisionTokyo I rushed to several stores to look for the best tea strainer to use to make my morning breakfast tea back in New York.  As I have mentioned in my latest blog – Japanese Tea and Chinese Tea -, I decided to shift from tea bag tea to loose leaf tea. There were several tea strainer choices at several department stores, but all were made in small sizes – less than 1/4 cup size. I wanted to find a larger strainer (which needs to fit in my morning cup, though), which allows my tea leaves fully blossom in hot water. After 2 days of tiring search on foot, here you are I found this fantastic, modern, cool tea strainer.

This is what Japan does do so well. Precision, precision, precision. Technology. Technology. Technology. Cool design. Cool design. Cool design. How these tiny holes are made? Laser technology?tea cup and tea strainer

Since I have returned to New York, I have been enjoying my breakfast tea with loose tea leaf prepared in this cool tea strainer. Every morning I am reminded of precision, technology and cool design, which my country skills to bring out to the world. The photos and some comments on my recent tour will be posted soon.