How A Lake In Japan Supplies The World With Scallops

Posted on Jul 29, 2015 in Hiroko's Blog

This May I visited Hokkaido. One of the stories appeared on Please enjoy it! “7.29.15 – It began at 3 a.m., a bursting, loud, rumbling noise that broke the rural silence and my sleep. It came and went continuously. I couldn’t take it anymore and got up to investigate. I was staying at a Japanese resort hotel next to Lake Saroma on the northeastern coast of the island of Hokkaido. Little did I know that the jarring racket in this usually quiet...

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Umeboshi Pickles

Posted on Jul 20, 2015 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

We say in Japan “One umeboshi a day keep the doctor away.” Pickled plum, umeboshi, which is salty and extremely sour, has many health benefit. Umeboshi is an alkaline food and rich in citric acid. One umeboshi a day maintains our blood pH at neutral. Citric acid in umeboshi dissolves lactic acid and helps our body to regain energy. My sister, Yoko, is now enjoy making umeboshi, pickled plum in Tokyo. She began this annual ritual several years ago. Here in New...

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Conch-This is The Way

Posted on Jul 3, 2015 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

Happy Fourth of July. I purchased two conch at Blue Moon this Wednesday. My first question to the sales staff at the fishmonger was “how to remove the conch from the shell?”. The answer was straightforward simple. ‘Hit the shell with a large hammer several times until the shell breaks up.’, she advised me. Back at my home I searched the video showing ‘how to remove conch from the shell’. She was right. Every video shows the cracking...

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