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November 2015

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Lorenzo’s, Faro, [Kyoya, Contra, Junmen Ramen]

Category: Hiroko's Blog

PorgyAre you visiting NY city during holiday seasons? Don’t miss the following restauarnts. They are in the hot neighbourhood, Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is only 20 minutes subway ride to Bushwick on L train from Union Square Station in NYC.

Lorenzo’s: I was lured by good smelling rotisserie chicken cooked over charcoal fire; the price of the dish was also appealing – half a chicken at $12 and whole at $20...

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Monkfish and Monkfish Liver

Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

ankimo at BMThis Wednesday Blue Moon fishmonger at Union Square Farmers Market sold fantastic quality monkfish liver, some of which I purchased and cooked in the traditional way.

Monkfish, anko, is a winter delicacy in Japan – especially in Tokyo region. Monkfish which we enjoy in Japan is not a small variety. The average fish – female fish – weighs around 31 pounds...

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Great Miso Has A Surprise Flavor Profile

Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

S not yet spreadedBU students

A new habit, which is only a week old, was born out of my recent teaching experience. At breakfast I began spreading a thin layer of Mellow White miso over a generous spread of Isigny butter (sweet) from Normandy on my whole wheat brown toast.

“What kind of flavor do you find in this miso?” I asked eleven students, who are attending my class in the kitchen at Boston University Food and Wine Fall Program. We were tasting Mellow White miso of Miso Master brand...

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