How Many is Sufficent?

Posted on Feb 14, 2016 in Hiroko's Blog

From time to time while eating dinner (which I prepared) I count how many different ingredients are in my dinner dishes. It has become a custom to do this. My mother planted ‘counting’ seeds in me. Rice, fish, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, rutabaga, fennel bulb, onion, wakame, fried tofu, scallion…. I write down the number; then, I go back to my breakfast and lunch in order to get the total number of ingredients, which I have consumed, in that particular day....

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Comfort Me: Chikuzen-Ni, Friendly and Delicious

Posted on Feb 9, 2016 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

So many uncertain things are circulating around us at the age when everything became trashy, reality show quality. Food…….quality food always comfort us and push our spirit high. This is only me speaking. Recently ramen has become a culinary star in America, but not soba or udon noodle soup bowls. All of these dishes are comfort food in Japan. So, why only ramen? Ramen is packed with punching, rich meaty flavor, which Americans love to taste in a hot noodle soup...

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