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May 2016

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Category: Hiroko's Blog

imageIt was my first experience to eat unagi (grilled eel) not in unaju style but in an out-of-the-box concept. The dish is called ‘hitsu-mabushi’ and is from Nagoya Prefecture. ¬†Hitsu means ‘wooden rice bowl’ and mabushi means ‘to scatter’.

Fukinuki at Kagurazaka, Tokyo, is famous for this dish. They also use domestically grown eel. Upon hearing my order I was told to wait for a while – eel is grilled after the order is made; rice is rinsed and cooked upon receiving the order...

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Hokkaido with Hiroko

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Shiretoko GokoTsuruga Dinnerhorse riding

This year my tour group meets in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The tour runs from May 22 through June 3rd. I will post the stories and photos as we travel through the beutiful country. Tour is all about experiencing culture, food, history, geology and nature of Hokkaido. Activities which we will enjoy include horseback riding, canoeing, caldera valley walking, Geo Park trekking, soba noodle making, local small fish market visit, Ainu culture center and more. Please follow us!

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Category: Hiroko's Blog

dashi 1dashi 2

Dashi does magic. I enjoy cooking tender spring greens such as ramps, broccoli rabe and mustard greens from the farmers market with dashi, shoyu and butter. They are the golden team. I parboil the firmer stem of these greens in salt added boiling water first. In order to do this I hold the greens upright so that the top leaf part is not submerged into the water. When the stem is partially tender, remove the greens from the pot and transfer them to the olive-oiled skillet...

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‘Shun’, Herring, Spring

Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

herring wholeherring end of cooking

Japanese cuisine emphasizes the use of seasonal ingredients. We call ingredients in season “Shun” . In Japan seasonal ingredients are not limited to just vegetables, which may be the case here in America. We love to enjoy seasonal seafood harvested in different parts of Japanese water. I, however, admit that the consumer’s awareness of seasonal seafood has been changing. Today most of the fish we eat are aqua-cultured...

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Edible Garden Speaker Series at Ramapo College

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Hiroko podiumgroup1 group3 group4 group5asparaguschicken

A Big Thank You Note to Ramapo College, NJ, and its president Dr. Peter Phillip Mercer and Dr. Jackie Ehlert for holding the Japanese Dinner Event on May 4th.

I was honored to be there to prepare the dinner to 60 attendees and offer a talk – ‘What is Japanese Cuisine?’. My appearance was the 15th Havemeyer Edible Garden Speaker Series.

Havemeyer Eddible Garden is run and managed by Jacqueline Ehlert, a professor of dietitian and nutritionist.

All o...

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