Foggy Lake Toya to Furano

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

May 29 Foggy Lake Toya to Furano

I woke up in the morning with fog still covered over the lake. Then, sun gradually pushed it, revealing the magic scenery in front of me. It is still foggy, but the lake with lava dome is distinctive. It is like life. After having hardship, I can appreciate more about what I acquired.

Today we left eastern part of Hokkaido, which is an extension of northeast Japan. We drove through the collision area through Yubari to Furano. If you plant to visit Furano in any occasions (I know you have been here for ski), visit Sumio Goto Museum. Worthwhile. ‘Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1930 to a priest of the Shingon Buddhism school, a painter, Mr. Goto, studied Japanese art under Kyujin Yamamoto at the age of 16 and then under Seihyo Tanaka. In 1952, his work “Fukei” earned him first prize at the Revived Japan Art Academy Exhibition. Subsequently, he won the Taikan Prize and the Prime Minister’s Prize of the Japan Art Academy, establishing himself as a central figure among those belonging to the Japan Art Academy. After teaching young artists as a professor at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music between 1988 and 1997, he made an international contribution as a Dojin member of the Japan Art Academy and professor emeritus at Xian Institute of Art, China, as well as being engaged in creative activities in his studio established as an annex to his museum’. Furano’s expansive nature is the perfect home to Mr. Goto’s dynamic, sensitive and inspiring art works.

The highlight of the day was one of the most talented Japanese chefs, Chef Komatsu’s French dinner. Chef Komatsu was trained under Michel Bras and worked for him when Chef Bras opened his French restaurant at Windsor Hotel Toya, Hokkaido. Chef Komatsu, thank you very much for cooking for US!