Rausu & Early Fish Market Visit

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

We drove Shiretoko Crossing Highway from Utoro(Okhotsk side) to Rausu (Pacific side). From the top of the Highway we saw Kunashiri island, the nearest Europe/Russia/Disputed island. We visited early morning fish market in Rausu. Rausu is a fishing town with about 5,300 populations. Between Knashiri Island Rausu is mere 25 kilometer in distance and is one of the most richest sea. Complex floor bed formations with different depths are an ideal habitat for many varieties of fish and shellfish. Chum salmon harvested this water is ranked No. 1 in Japan. Other fish caught in the water are trout, cod, arctic char, flounder, rock fish, crab, sea urchin and octopus. We then visited to Rausu kombu storage and learned how the kelp is harvested, dried and processed. Lunch was an educational activity. Everyone removed sea urchin (live!) and scallop (live!) from the shells; cut fish into sashimi slices; presented them beautifully/properly on a sashimi platter.

After return to Utoro we joined the Shiretoko Five Lake walk in the area where there is a highest brown bear population in Hokkaido. Beautiful Shiretoko Mountain ranges reflected on calm water, creating a mirror immage. The tour continues.