Two Very Important Japanese Cuisine Pre-Competitions Held in NYC

Posted on Nov 8, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog






Oh, Boy! What fruitful and successful separate Japanese cuisine competitions, sponsored by two different Japanese entities, were held here in New York on October 29th and 30th, 2017.

The winners of the both New York Pre-Competitions are invited to compete in final rounds in Japan, and the winners of those competitions in Japan receive a monetary award as well as broad recognition in the US and Japan of their skills and accomplishments. Please check-out my Instagram photos (@hirokoshimbo) of the recent Pre-Competitions. If you missed participating in these exciting Pre-Competitions as a participant chef, the photos will help you understand these events. Please do not fail to apply for these competitions when they return to New York City in the next and following years. Let me know of your interest and I will keep you posted.

These Pre-Competitions are held for non-Japanese citizens who are working as chefs at restaurants producing Japanese cuisine or those who are pursuing an in-depth knowledge of Japanese cooking for its own sake. If you believe you qualify and wish to participate, please send me your name and contact info. I will keep you on the list for contact and send you the next competitions’ information when they are available.

Today the number of restaurants producing Japanese cuisine outside Japan has reached more than 85,000. In 2015 Japanese cuisine was designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Japanese cuisine is now enjoying great popularity. I and the operators of these competitions believe that this worldwide popularity owes its status to hardworking chefs at Japanese restaurants all over the world. The organizations who sponsor these competitions, sincerely thank all of YOU.

The two competitions are:

  • Japan Culinary Arts Competition (JCAC)

Japan Culinary Arts Competition is organized by NPO Japanese Culinary Academy (the Japanese equivalent of the James Beard Foundation in the US). The purpose of this competition is to offer chefs like you a chance to demonstrate the true depth of your knowledge and skills in the preparation of Japanese cuisine. The winner of the New York Pre-Competition is invited to Japan (expenses paid) the following March to compete at the Final Competition. Fourteen Pre-Competition winners will compete in the Final Competition.. The next round Pre- Competition will be held in 2019 in New York

The winner of JCAC New York Pre-Competition this year, 2017 is Marc Spitzer, Executive Chef of BondST in New York City


  • Washoku World Challenge (WWC)

Washoku World Challenge is sponsored and organized by Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The purpose of WWC is to nurture the knowledge and cooking skills for producing excellent Japanese cuisine outside of Japan. The competition offers an opportunity for you demonstrate your passion, knowledge and skills. This leads to a better world-wide understanding of Japanese cuisine and its required cooking skills. The winner of this New York Pre-Competition is invited (expenses paid) to Japan early the next year for the Final Competition. The winner of the New York Pre-Competition is invited to Japan (expenses paid) early the following year following to compete at the Final Competition. For the recent Pre-Competition, the final round will take place this February in Kyoto, Japan among the six Pre-Competition winners.  The next round Pre-Competition will be held in New York in 2018

The winner of WWC Pre-Competition this year, 2017 is David Israelow, a catering chef based in New York City.

Stay tuned for future information!