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meet-our-chef-hiroko-shimboI have been endeavoring to bring benefits and delights of Japanese cuisine to the broadest possible audience in the world. The audience includes of diners at home, at work and at restaurants, professional and non-professional cooks, restaurants, food manufacturing companies, culinary arts students, readers of my books and publications and the audience for my presence in the media, both new and old. My passion today is as it has been to create and offer healthy, appealing menus and recipes using locally available fresh, seasonal ingredients, quality Japanese staples and Japanese techniques both for traditional Japanese and new American kitchens. I am driven by the belief that what and how we eat helps determine who we are and what we care about in our life. I invite your inquiry to work together bringing to you the knowledge that you seek in order to provide the best choice on foods to our table. This passion is reflected in the many areas of the culinary arts business that I have served and am continuing to serve with undiminished enthusiasm.

The services I offer:

1. Let’s add appealing elements of Japanese dining to your agenda; For Corporate, Museum and University Dining short ribstemaki

  • Menu creation and training in preparation
  • Concept development for foods service venuesramen noodle
  • Provide entertaining and informative demonstration and tasting eventsramen_noodle_b_013

2. Bring excitement to your community; For Specialized Restaurant Start-ups

  • Favorites from the Japanese kitchen: Ramen, Gyoza, Japanese curry and more
  • Izakaya foods for delicious  informal dining and snacking
  • Classical  formal Japanese cuisine
  • Sushi – traditional and modern
  • Concepts from “Hiroko’s American Kitchen“: Japanese techniques, favors and ingredients smoothly integrated into Western cuisineshort ribsobento box

3. Let’s add more and better Japanese products; For Food Industries

  • Recipe and product development
  • Training and education on all aspects of Japanese cuisine: flavors, ingredients, specialized techniques and available resources
  • Assistance with identification and selection of ingredient sources

4. Tap Hiroko’s expertise on diverse topics covering all aspects of Japanese cuisine from umami to the tea ceremony; Lectures, Demonstrations and Cooking ClassesToyota

  • Provide new information and insight to food company personnel
  • Make a corporate event memorable with a demonstration and tasting
  • Exciting presentations and demonstrations as food festival events
  • Short or long, specialized or comprehensive custom designed course for culinary arts schools

5. Design the culinary trip to Japan to meet your unique as requirements; Culinary Tours for Industry ProfessionalsTamanohikari collection RDCD

  • Customized culinary tours of Japan
  • Tap Hiroko’s close connections to the food and dining industries of Japan
  • Gain the unique first hand knowledge you need for your business

6. You can trust Hiroko as an experienced author of numerous magazine pieces and an author of award-winning cookbooks (James Beard Foundation Finalist, IACP Winner, IACP Finalist, and more); Culinary Publications for Print and Electronic Media

  • Recipe development for preparations that appeal to mass audiences
  • Pieces always with a captivating story line on topics such as Japanese ingredients and where to find them, recipes for home and professional kitchens, and the culinary culture and history of Japan.
  • Japanese restaurant reviews based on extensive experience in all aspects of the cuisine

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