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Hiroko’s Kitchen made it onto CulinaryPrograms.net’s recently completed list of 100 Magnificent Sites for Chefs.

CulinaryPrograms.net says, “We built the list for the next generation of chefs who will soon be entering culinary programs and will need to stay up to date on the latest trends in cuisine, and know how to leverage the internet and other forms of media to get their work noticed. We think your site is a great example of how culinary professionals can use the web to their advantage.”

A perfect bowl of ramen noodles! and gyoza, potstickers, at your home

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Mark a calender to join my “Ramen and Gyoza” cooking class at International Culinary Center (www.internationalculinarycenter.com) in French Culinary Institute that will be held on October 24th (Saturday).   Please check the site for further information.  A perfect bowl of ramen to me means that every component in the


How much vegetables in my diet?

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I am not a vegetarian, but I do love vegetables and fruits.  So, vegetables and fruits occupy 50% of our diet.  The other 50% is consists of protein and wholesome carbohydrate.  Summer is one of the best time to enjoy an extensive variety of vegetables.  And, the most important tip is that you are not eating just a few kinds of vegetables in your salad.  In your preparations you should employ vegetables from all categories, such as


Last Fresh Edamame Before the End of Summer

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Heralding the arrival of summer, edamame, are one of the most celebrated delicacies in summer in Japan.  It is almost impossible for us to endure the long hot and humid summer without these delicious green beans.  Boiled green soybeans dusted with sea salt with a glass of ice-cold beer or barley tea is a summertime treat


Vegetables and more vegetables

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Japan is now having a vegetable boom!  Restaurants, take-out food companies and vegetable mongers are pushing a “more vegetables to the table” campaign.  At Hibiki restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, I had a wonderful vegetable dinner.  Here are some of what we, my sister and her husband and my husband and me, ordered and enjoyed during that splendid vegetable (nearly 100% ) meal.  Carrot, turnip and red daikon radish served with flavorful miso sauce, crisp baby cucumber, morokyu, served with pickled ume plum sauce, baby sweet (more…)

Dried bamboo husks, take no kawa

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Dried bamboo husks are known to have sterilization property, so in the past it was an indispensable material for packing food items which were to be carried around for a relatively long time.  I remember my mother often packed onigiri rice balls and pickled vegetables in the dried bamboo husks for my school excursions or for our picnics.  While I was travelling from Tokyo to Fukuoka city in Kyushu, the southern main island of (more…)

Some tips for traveling Japan

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1. Purchase a Japan Rail Pass before leaving for Japan at a travel agency.  This saves you a lot.  You can travel on the JR railway which covers the entire nation and reaches to everye corner of the four major islands.  The price of the passes are: 7-day for 28,300 YEN ($290), 14-day for 45,100 YEN ($460) and 21-day for 57,700 (more…)

Some disturbing news from Japan

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The suicide rate is going ever high in Japan.  The record shows that each year and average of 30,000 people commits suicide, and the large majority is from the male population.  The bad economy, loss of job, unable to marry – these are the major cause of suicide. (more…)

Microwave oven and konbini bento

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I know that by now you are tired of konbini blogs, so this is my last one.  During my time in Tokyo I stayed at a temporary apartment which my husband who is renting the place for his business.  This small apartment has a standard Japanese kitchen which is equipped with small freezer-refrigerator, a two gas burner range (more…)

Food Waste at Konbini Store

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While I was in Japan I have attended a food event as a panelist at the Asian Studies Conference Japan that was heald at Sophia University in Tokyo.  During the conference I attended a lecture given by a University professor whose theme was the food that thrown away after the sell-by-date, shohi kigen, at konbini (more…)


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Konbini” is the abbreviation used in Japan as a corruption of the English “convenient store”.  Konbini stores such as Seven-Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart are extremely popular among consumers of all walks of life in Japan.  Today there are over 48,000 stores scattered across the country.  They are everywhere! 

I bought this bento at a Kiosk at Tokyo Station

I bought this bento at a Kiosk at Tokyo Station