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SOLD OUT The Sushi Experience, James Beard Award nominee for 2006 published by Alfred A. Knopf in October 2006 is a complete guide to the world of sushi – history and culture, restaurant dining, a wealth of information on ingredients and techniques, dishes and beverages to accompany sushi. The book contains 250 beautiful and useful color photos with more than 125 recipes for the home and professional chef. The book is aimed at both home chefs with sushi-making instruction on quickly and easily prepared dishes based widely available ingredients, and chefs working in the professional sushi kitchen. It includes an interesting and useful tear-out to take with you next time you visit your favorite sushi restaurant.

Your copy will be autographed by Hiroko inscribed to the person you specify. Notify Hiroko of the inscription information when placing your order.

Content: hardback; 280 pages; more than 250 color illustrations; more than 125 recipes

“Shimbo’s soulful knowledge of Japanese food distinguishes The Sushi Experience from the many books on sushi already available.”

“There is a terrific amount of valuable information in Hiroko Shimbo’s The Sushi Experience, …The author, a trained chef and a teacher with an eye for history and science, has assembled a clear course in the building blocks of Japanese cuisine, studded with succinct instructions on….”
New York Times

“The author is a trained sushi chef, and she guides the home cook every step of the way with step-by-step color photos and clearly written information and recipes. There is much to be learned here.”,
Seattle Times