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Discover Osechi Ryori (5) Kazunoko – Family Prosperity

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Are you still with me in the preparation of Osechi Ryori? Hope that you are not put off with too much superstitious ideas. Kazunoko is a salt-cured herring roe consists of hundreds of tiny eggs grouped together in one piece, encased in a very thin membrane. The size of dried herring roe is about 5 inches long. We hydrate it and marinate it in the mixture of shoyu and mirin overnight. Kazunoko symbolizes family prosperity...

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Preserve Cultural Ritual or Sustain Marine Resource

Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

Herring!I bought locally caught herring from the fishmonger, Blue Moon, last Wednesday. Since Blue Moon won’t come back to the Greenmarket until next April I purchased extra herrings and porgy to freeze them for later consumption. I cleaned and filleted the fish, salted them a bit and placed them in plastic bags for storage. While filleting the herring I was thinking of herring roe – a must have New year food item. None of my fish had roe. It is anyway too early for them to carry eggs.

Herring roe, kazu...

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