Discvoer Osechi Ryori (1) Kuromame for Health

Posted on Dec 31, 2016 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

                Every Japanese citizen starts a New Year with auspicious Osechi Ryori meal. Osechi Ryori is a celebration meal like the one enjoyed at Thanksgiving dinner. There is a whole set of rule of what to be served for the celebration. Osechi Ryori has many dishes in the meal. Each ingredient used is related to something which bring us luck, prosperity, health and happiness in the New Year. I have begun making Osechi Ryori dish...

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Kuromame black soy beans

Posted on Dec 5, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

Today I cooked kuromame thinking of the approach of the end of the year (anyway it was raining outside).  Kuromame are black soybeans whose shape is perfectly round and they are much larger than their yellow colored-cousin.  The flavor of this black variety is robust and much tastier than…. their cousin.  Furthermore, its dark purplish (almost black) color suggests that it is rich in anthocyanin, a well known anti-oxidant.  So, I love kuromame.  The best kuromame in...

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