Discover Osechi Ryori (5) Kazunoko – Family Prosperity

Posted on Jan 1, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

Are you still with me in the preparation of Osechi Ryori? Hope that you are not put off with too much superstitious ideas. Kazunoko is a salt-cured herring roe consists of hundreds of tiny eggs grouped together in one piece, encased in a very thin membrane. The size of dried herring roe is about 5 inches long. We hydrate it and marinate it in the mixture of shoyu and mirin overnight. Kazunoko symbolizes family prosperity. Properly prepared kazunoko presents golden yellow...

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New Herring and Albert Cuyp Market

Posted on Jun 21, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

Unexpected encounter to the delicious pickled herring from Netherlands at the Oyster Bar ( in New York City this Monday evening brought me back to my memory of the first bite of Nieuwe Haring (new herring) at Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam. Buzz worked and lived in Amsterdam for two years 17 years ago. I had an opportunity to visit him and stay at this charming city several times a year. We biked every place in the city....

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