To Ramen Lovers – Authenticity Matters

Posted on Jul 18, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

If you want everyone to enjoy ramen noodles in the best possible way you can help me by spreading this information and following this advice yourself.  It is all about the best way to enjoy this Japanese noodle dish now sweeping America. Here is my plea: Eat your ramen noodles in its still hot broth quickly while the noodles are al dente in texture and the best in in flavor. This request may be a bit late in the US because I observe that here in America many dinners have...

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Latest News From Japan

Posted on Dec 30, 2016 in Hiroko's Blog

Here is some news from Japan on my latest stay just before the Christmas this year. Christmas has become a popular annual event. It is a necessity. No religious connection. Christmas-featured pastry, goods, gifts, Christmas tree, street light illuminations, songs related Christmas is everywhere. Christmas Eve Dinner has decided to be chicken thanks to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s decades long campaign. Restaurants (eat-in and take-out) feature and promote chicken Christmas...

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Comfort Me: Chikuzen-Ni, Friendly and Delicious

Posted on Feb 9, 2016 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

So many uncertain things are circulating around us at the age when everything became trashy, reality show quality. Food…….quality food always comfort us and push our spirit high. This is only me speaking. Recently ramen has become a culinary star in America, but not soba or udon noodle soup bowls. All of these dishes are comfort food in Japan. So, why only ramen? Ramen is packed with punching, rich meaty flavor, which Americans love to taste in a hot noodle soup...

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Super Ball? I Made Chicken Chashu for Chicken Ramen

Posted on Feb 2, 2015 in Hiroko's Blog

Chicken chashu for chicken broth ramen (no pork bones) was a big hit. With a pastry brush dust the skin side of the chicken thigh and roll it tight – I leave the skin on the meat for sweet, better flavor in the ramen dish. With a kitchen string tight the rolled chicken tightly at several places. In a medium pot bring water to a boil, add the rolled chicken and cook for 1 minute. Drain the chicken and rinse under cold tap water. Then, add the chicken to your chicken...

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On Cold Winter Nights Treat Your Family with Easy Quality Ramen

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

I am sure many people started New Year with “Eat healthy 2015”-kind of slogan. No matter which diet you are going to diving into, a good diet is a diet with common sense. Choose ingredients which are not endangered nor farmed or raised unethically. Do not reach out to overly processed, convenient food items. Eat everything balanced. Spend time in the kitchen to make meals. Eat home-made meals at the table with family members. Here is a hussle-free, quick to...

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