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Category: Hiroko's Blog

After learning how to make clean, natural shio-koji, attendees savored pre-marinated shio-koji chicken. Delicious smell permeated at MOFAD

Shio-koji made everyone happy at Shio-koji event at MOFAD.

So many articles have been written about shio-koji. You may have made it in your kitchen, and have been using it to cook up delicious meals. Shio-koji is a seasoning, which makes everything taste delicious and everyone happy...

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Shio-koji Recipe

Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

I have posted the story on shio-koji craz in Japan, the other day. Here is the recipe for you to make your own magic seasoning. You need 300g dry koji (you can find at Japanese food store or online), 100g sea salt and 500g tap water.

In a bowl add the dry koji and gently rub them with your hands to separate the grains. Add the salt and repeat the process. Add the water and repeat the process. When the water acquires milk color transfer the mixture to a plastic container...

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Shio-koji craze in Japan

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Koji mixed with water and salt is called Shio-koji. Shio-koji has been used as a pickling base for about 350 years in Japan. Suddenly this Shio-koji was named “Miracle Seasoning” and used by every cooks from professional to avocational kitchens across Japan. I was introduced to Shio-Koji seasoning by Chef Jiro at Aburiya Kinnosuke, NY City. Since then, I made my own batch and am digging it deeper...

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