Posted on Feb 24, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

DAISHICHI is a two hundred fifty years old brewery founded by Ohta Shichiemon in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. I was told by Ms. Chizuko Niikawa, a sake sommelier and the importer, who were promoting the sake at the restaurant that night that DAIICHISAKE is the only sake brewery in Japan out of 1300 counterparts, which continues to use the authentic traditional production process called Kimoto zukuri for all ranks of their product. Kimoto zukuri includes a process of producing natural lactic acid in the production. Today most of the breweries use commercially available lactic acid bacteria in order to save time and labor. Kimoto zukuri process produces richer, stronger and higher in acid flavor in the end product. The present, 10th generation president, Ohta Hideharu ages his sake for 1 to 2 years – not a common practice in Japan. The aged sake has a rounder and fuller texture in the mouth.

Among seven varieties which they produce DAISHICHI Minowamon Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo is Ms. Niikawa’s favorite. It was indeed elegant, at the same time it has rich, peachy flavor and pleasant acidity. The very best quality of this sake reflected to its price, though. A bottle costs $160 (restaurant price). If you are looking for a lower priced one, go for DAISHICHI Junmai Kimoto. This sake has a rich round flavor with good acidity. A bottle cost $70 (restaurant price). I will upload the photos of DAISHICHI sake later.