Fish Quick Lesson 2: How to Store and Enjoy Filleted Fish

Posted on Oct 3, 2016 in Hiroko's Blog

filled-sea-bassAfter filleting fish I always lightly salt the fillet and leave it for 20 minutes or so. This removes a bit of excess water from the fish, thus, firms up the muscle meat. This makes easy for us to cook the fish.

After 20 minutes I wipe the fish with paper towel, sprinkle additional salt (for flavor) and cook it in the skillet or broiler. The fish, which is very fresh, does not need any or much sauce to accompany. Sauce anyway masks the natural flavor of the very fresh fish.

If I am not using the filleted fish on the day of the filleting after salting the fish I quickly and briefly rinse off the fish under cold tap water to remove the salt, and wipe it dry with a paper towel. I wrap the fish in a clean, dry paper towel and wrap it in a plastic wrap before placing it in a zip log type plastic bag. I store the fish in the coolest part of the refrigerator. The filleted fish keeps fresh for the next 4 to 5 days.

guji with fried veg

If you are buying an already filleted fish from your supermarket or food store, please make sure that you are getting the freshest piece. Ask the fishmonger. If you are not happy with the fish which you bought, bring it back to the store. Life is too short to eat bad quality fish.

Twenty minutes before cooking, lightly salt the fish on both sides and leave it for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. During this time fish exudes excess water (with some off flavor). Gently and quickly rinse the fish under cold running water. Wipe the fish with paper towel. Now the fish is clean. This salting-rinsing step guarantees the better flavor in the final cooked fish. Prepare the fish in your favorite way.