News From Blue Moon Fish

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 in Hiroko's Blog

blfYou may already know that very fresh local fish from Blue Moon Fish sold at Union Square Farmers Market in NYC has been my life line for over 13-14 years.

Here I want to share two news from Blue Moon Fish. Let’s begin with the good news.

Blue Moon Fish is going to self-publish a cookbook, called Blue Moon Fish; sustainable recipes and salty stories next spring. Congratulations to Alex, Stephanie and their crews on this wonderful work. I cannot wait reading all of Alex’s salty stories and discovering delicious recipes donated by chefs, cookbook authors like me.

Now, let me move on to the difficult one. Last Wednesday I did not see Blue Moon Fish at their regular spot at the Market. The space was empty. I thought that Alex, the hard-working fisherman-owner, took a day off. He deserves it. He has been fishing over 30 years.

Yesterday, sadly I did not see Blue Moon Fish again at the Market. I called Stephanie, the wife of Alex and the leader of the vendor, and learned that Alex had a minor stroke. According to her he is in the course of steady recovery and will spend next few months for physical therapy. This means that we stopped seeing them at the Market a month earlier this year. Stephanie fed me that Alex, after his recovery, is eager to resume fishing again. When this happens he is going to employ young fishermen assistants in order to relieve his work load. Hope we will see Blue Moon family at the Market again next year. Meanwhile please join me to pray for Alex’s smooth recovery and big success on their cookbook.