Discover Osechi Ryori (5) Kazunoko – Family Prosperity

Posted on Jan 1, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

Are you still with me in the preparation of Osechi Ryori? Hope that you are not put off with too much superstitious ideas. Kazunoko is a salt-cured herring roe consists of hundreds of tiny eggs grouped together in one piece, encased in a very thin membrane. The size of dried herring roe is about 5 inches long. We hydrate it and marinate it in the mixture of shoyu and mirin overnight. Kazunoko symbolizes family prosperity. Properly prepared kazunoko presents golden yellow color, and on biting it, it creates pleasant crunchiness in the mouth. Everyone at the table can tell that you are eating kazunoko from the sound which you make.

Today it is hard to find a good quality kazunoko. It should come from Hokkaido and dried in the sun (not in the dryer). This year I am using the true kazunoko. Sixteen pieces of roes cost about $200. Family, friends and colleagues who come to the Japanese New Year Open House at our home on January 2nd are very lucky ones. I can assure of their Family Prosperity in the New Year…..

No more kids??? Kazunoko for Family Prosperity.