Tips of Enjoyable Nabemono Dinner

Posted on Feb 9, 2018 in Hiroko's Blog

Here are some tips for enjoyable nabemono dinners at your home. By the way the attendees of my Kyushu with Hiroko 2018 (November 11-23) will have Fugu (blowfish!) nabemono experience in Oita Prefecture. This is surely one of the many excitements which you experience during the tour.  You can find Trip Overview and Photos on my Tour Page. Send me an e-mail to Hiroko if you want to join the tour. Hiroko also run the same tour in 2018, November 3-14.

  • Everyone should share cooking the dish during the meal
  • When you are adding multiple ingredients to the pot, add those which takes longer to cook first
  • Cook enough of each ingredients at one time in the pot to share with all diners as a one batch of the meal; we do not want to have dinners fight over a missed sliced of beef or even a piece of mushroom
  • Cook in batches; after cooking one batch divide and distribute all of the cooked items into the diners individual bowls; do not leave any items in the pot. After confirming that the pot is empty, add the next batch and continue cooking. Any ingredients left in the pot form the previous round will be overcooked in the next batch, becoming mushy and degrade the quality of your nabemono dinner
  • While watching ingredients as they are being cooked, because no one is looking at their phones this is the time to engage in conversation with your family and friends.
  • And adults, of course, have the pleasurable right to enjoy a glass of beer, sake, shochu or wine with this fun meal

I will post the recipe sukiyaki following this post.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy a perfect sukiyaki or other nabemono dinner while the outdoors is brisk and chilly.  And I hope sukiyaki and other nabemono will become regulars on your dinner table.


P.S. I found out that Single thread Inn, CA, is offering Nabemono dinner right now. Another way to get involved in Nabemono!