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A Great Chance to Learn Japanese Cuisine in Six Months! Please read to the bottom. You will find the peak to 2017 program result.

Any chefs who are seriously thinking of learning Japanese cuisine in Japan can apply for a very special program. It is Cuisine and Food Culture Human Resource Development Program 2018, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan. Application will be accepted from mid-April, 2018 and the program starts in June. Hurry up and do not miss this chance!

Contact Hiroko at for filing application! Dead line is May 15 (Japan time).

Qualification: non-Japanese chef; over age 18 upon arrival to Japan; graduate of culinary schools and/or having experience in working in Japanese cuisine kitchen; having financial ability to support own living in Japan during the program (air fare to/from Japan and accomodations are supplied by the organization during your stay in Japan); be disciplined and respectful; be physically and mentally healthy; having plans to engage in profession that contributes to promoting Japanese cuisine, food culture and Japanese ingredients after completing the program

Program: Consists of Japanese language training, basic Japanese cuisine training and apprenticeship at restaurant at high-end Japanese restaurants in Kyoto or Tokyo

Goal: Chefs who acquired rightful knowledge and skills of Japanese cuisine in the program will promote Japanese cuisine, Japanese food culture and Japan-produced ingredients throughout the world

Financial aid: round ticket airfare; tuitions for the Japanese language school and the cooking school; accommodations; national health insurance expense during your stay in Japan

NOTE: Those who did not complete the program are asked to return all of the expenses paid to the applicant back to the organization.


?Screening and Schedule (* Timeline in Japan standard time)

1) 1st Stage; document screening

Deadline of submission of application is at 23:59 on May 15, Tuesday, 2018. Submit the application to

Submission items: Application form/face photo, Graduate certificate (diploma) of culinary school (if graduated from culinary school), Copy of passport, Recommendation letter from the present employer, Pledge form, Medical examination report

Applicants who passed the first document screening will be contacted by the organization by 23:59 on May 16, Wednesday, 2018.

2) 2nd Stage: Skype interview

30 minutes Skype interview.  ?Daikon Katsuramuki skill will be judged in this interview.

Final Application results— Visa procedure

The result of 2nd Stage screening will be announced by mid of May, 2018.

Those who passed the 2nd Stage screening will plan to fly in Japan on July 1, Sunday, 2018.


?Main Schedule and Training (*subject to change)

July 2, 2018: Opening Ceremony

July 4-July 20: Japanese language lessons at a Japanese language school

July 23-August 31: Study basic Japanese cooking at a cooking school

September 3-February 22, 2019 Individual practical training as a high end Japanese restaurant

February 25: Final Exam Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine in Foreign Countries)

Required to participate in the exam for the Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine in Foreign Countries.

Check out the 2017 program result!

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