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Super-quick Shio-koji




Super-Quick Shio-koji chicken

You may have tried shio-koji recipe which I have posted on June 12, 2012. I have been making it in this way until one day I found the fantastic short-cut way of making of this version from a Japanese cookbook written by Takako Nakamura. She has developed a super quick shio-koji recipe, which I call it Super-quick Shio-koji.

Super-quick Shio-koji takes only 1 hour to make; the old technique takes, as you have done it, for 10 days during winter time. It takes too long. So, here is how you make the Super-quick version.

You need an electric rice cooker. I use Zojirushi brand rice cooker, which is the best among many others. You need 1 tub of koji rice (576g), the same weight of lukewarm water (158F) and 190g sea salt.

Transfer the koji rice into a large bowl; toss them well with both hands to loosen them; add the lukewarm water to the koji rice and transfer them to the rice cooker bowl; set up the rice cooker at keep-warm function and leave the koji rice and water mixture for about 1 hour;  transfer the koji rice and water mixture (it is no longer watery) to a clean bowl and mix with the salt. It is ready to use but you may rest it for a couple of days in the refrigerator for matured flavor. You may process the Super-quick Shio-koji in a food processor to make it into a smooth paste. Transfer it in a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid and keep it refrigerated. You can enjoy it about 3 months.

Super-quick shio-koji has mellow sweeter flavor than the conventional shio-koji.  It is very handy; it keeps any meat and chicken cooked with it moist, juicy and flavorful.

The pork on the photo is painted with Super-quick Shio-koji and dried herbs one hour before cooking, and baked in the oven; the chicken on the photo is painted with Super-quick Shio-koji, maple syrup and cayenne pepper one hour before cooking, and baked in the oven.

If you complain that you have no time to make tasty dinner, try the Super-quick Shio-koji baked chicken or pork.

An important message: You pair the delicious baked Super-quick Shio-koji chicken or pork with seasonal vegetables. No tomato, bell peppers nor cucumber (even though you can purchase them at supermarket), please. These summer vegetables cool our body and not fit to our winter consumption. EAT LOCAL & SEASONAL and COOK OUR MEALS IN OUR OWN KITCHEN.