The 7th Japanese Culinary Arts Competition

Posted on Apr 12, 2019 in Hiroko's Blog


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Compete in The 7th Japanese Culinary Arts Competition;

The theme of the 7th Japanese Culinary Arts Competition is SHOKU NO HANAYAGI.  The objective of SHOKU NO HAYANAGI is the achievement of a beautiful and exciting presentation for each prepared dish.  The harmonious display of the five colors, red, green, orange, white and black in the prepared food itself including its container is essential to achieving this goal.  Chefs utilize these five basic colors to create presentations that appeal to the diner’s eye and entertain other senses to maximize the dining experience.

The competition is conducted in two phases.  The contestants first compete at a regional level at one of the four world-wide regions outside Japan.  The winners of the regional competitions are invited to Japan, expenses paid, for the final competition to be held in Kyoto.

Regional Competition Cash Prize: Winner 50,000 yen, 2nd prize 30,000 yen, 3rd prize 20,000 yen

Koto Final Competition Cash Prize: Winner 1,000,000 yen

How to apply and compete in North America Competition:

  1. Create three recipes for four serving portions with focus on SHOKU NO HANAYAGI, including the use of the five basic colors to create exciting and appealing presentations.  The dishes much be produced using three classical Japanese preparation techniques.  Takimono (simmered dish), Yakimono (grilled dish), and Agemono (deep-fried dish).  One dish from each category is required.  The total food cost for four portions of the three dishes should be 8,000 yen (around $73). Photos of the created dishes should be taken, selecting the best photo of each for submission.
  2. Visit and register by filing in the ENTRY FORM. Submit three recipes with accompanying photos.  The deadline of the submission is September 30, 2019.  The screening process will select six contestants in North America Region.
  3. North America Regional Qualifying Competition is held on January 13, 2020 at Institute of Culinary Education, New York.