Hiroko’s ZOOM Japanese Cooking Classes

Hiroko is a world class chef-instructor. She has taught hundreds of students from all over the world during her 25-year teaching career. Hiroko wants to share all of her knowledge with her students. Hiroko is now offering classes through ZOOM and continues by the medium to convey her love of teaching to new audiences anywhere in the world.  Join Hiroko at her Zoom cooking classes!!!  Even though it is through the screen you won’t just learn recipes.  Most importantly, you will learn the history, philosophy, preparation techniques, ingredients and food culture of Japanese cooking.  With the knowledge gained at Hiroko’s classes you can easily prepare all recipes in your own kitchen with available ingredients and also apply what you have learned to your dairy cooking.

Hiroko considers ‘cooking at home’ for yourself, friends and family to be one of the most important human activities.  Cooking is like breathing.  It is a necessity.  It is not a choice.  Cooking is a responsibility, and it sustains health and mental wellbeing.

Please join Hiroko’s Zoom cooking classes to learn one of the world’s most admired, healthful and enjoyable cuisine – Japanese. You will love the learning experience and the practical results of your new knowledge.

The first session introduces you to and provides you with the absolute best world-famous Japanese wagyu beef, HITACHIGYU, and instructs you on how to prepare it and several accompanying dishes. The second class on making and using your own miso will delight and inform you.  Please find class information below.  To purchase a class, click each of the class links which takes you to my Shop page.

February, March, April and May Classes: Sign up now and reserve your seat!

1) MAKING ALL-MIGHTY, HOME-MADE SWEET WHITE MISO: February 26, March 19, April 1612:ooPM PST/ 3:00PM EST



Description of the classes:


Testimonials from students who took the Class in February, 2021:

  • What a great class! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to cook with my miso!
  • So much for the wonderful lesson today.  I always have so much more than a cooking lesson from you and feel enriched! Looking forward to the miso!!
  • Dear Hiroko, what a great class today!!I look forward to March 5 when my MISO will be ready!!

Do you know how delicious home-made miso is, and how healthy it is?  There are so many varieties of miso produced in Japan. in this class I will show you how to make one of the best, SWEET WHITE MISO which requires only 2 weeks for fermentation while resting in your kitchen.  The resulting miso is light in color, has mellow sweet flavor, is less salty and is essential in many dishes.  The miso you will make is not heat treated nor is alcohol is added to stop fermentation.  It is alive and thereby assists digestion and increases good bacteria in our gut.  You will learn the preparation and preservation of miso in general, the diverse regional miso culture in Japan and receive recipes on how to use your proudly produced home-made SWEET WHITE MISO in dishes.

NOTE: The class will operate with minimum of 10 participants (screens), so ask your friends, colleagues, and family members to join. Payment will be requested when the sign-up minimum has been reached.

Home-Made White Miso Kit is available at $33.80https://hirokoskitchen.com/product-category/products/

Sweet White Miso Class – $48.50

2) THE BEST, CLEAN BOWL OF RAMEN  $85 per person

Today ramen has become an indispensable element of culinary America. Everyone enjoys a steaming, flavorful bowl of these noodles.  To prepare authentic ramen, chefs at ramen shops in Japan spend hours of labor, close attention, and care to bring diners the very best bowl.  Unfortunately, some of them add chemicals such as MSG to enhance the flavor of their broth.  And the very worst ramen broths are those made using factory-manufactured stock powder or liquid.  We have no idea what chemicals are in those pre-made short-cut products. In this class I will show you how to prepare delicious and “clean” miso ramen in your own kitchen without chemical or artificial additives.  While you experience the art of ramen-making, you will also learn the fascinating history of this classic Japanese dish, and, through a video that I will share with you, how, if you wish, to make the ramen noodles themselves.  The result of this experience is acquiring the skill and techniques to produce a wonderful bowl of miso ramen topped with ground pork, ramen egg, and other classic ramen condiments. I will see you at this ramen class and let’s slurp delicious ramen together!

NOTE: The class will operate with minimum of 10 participants (screens), so ask your friends, colleagues, and family members to join. Payment will be requested when the sign-up minimum has been reached.

Clean Bowl of Ramen Class – $85

Enjoy the photos from my past instructions at the International Culinary Center, New York City.  I will be adding more Zoom classes in the spring, including Ramen, Gyoza and Sushi!