Hiroko immerses you in the very distinctive aspects of Japanese food culture, history, society and arts. The tour includes a visit to several local food markets in different areas of the country, including a world famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo with 8 AM sushi breakfast, a cooking class taught by her colleague, the third generation owner of the venerable Yanagihara Cooking School, and on other days a shopping trip for classic cooking knives and other unique useful kitchen equipment, a visit to a sake brewery founded in 1673 in Kyoto, a visit to a Zen temple for the practice of meditation and calligraphy and to experiencing a real Tea Ceremony followed at the temple by a vegetarian meal. Both the Tea Ceremony and vegetarian cooking style originated at Zen temples back in the thirteen the century. You will have chance to make gold plated chopsticks in Kanazawa. The tour also highlights the cultural background in which the foods and dining experience of Japan have developed and a must-see visits to world famous old temples, shrines and gardens in Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanazawa, and a renowned World Heritage Village, Gokayama, deep in the beautiful mountainous countryside. And you will see Japan the way the Japanese do – from a bullet train and local line train window. During the tour you will enjoy all levels of Japanese dining from casual, but uniquely Japanese, to a formal multi-course kaiseki meal.

This tour run several times in the past. It may run again in the future for up to 10 enthusiasts with Hiroko.

If you have a group of 6 or to 10 enthusiasts family or friends, contact Hiroko. Hiroko will create a catered tour for your group.


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