Bringing benefits and delights of Japanese cuisine to the broadest possible audience in the world has been always Hiroko’s mission and passion. Today’s health-conscious, environmental-conscious and trend savvy customers are looking for something new and exciting from your business – be it a restaurant or as a large-scale food manufacturer. Hiroko is here to help you to add delightful and valuable Japanese aspects and elements to your operation: traditional dishes, modern dishes, flavors, cooking techniques, complete menus, product development and marketing, presentations and more.

The services Hiroko offers:

Food Industry Support

  • Menu creation and training staff & chefs
  • Concept development
  • Events with fun & information packed demonstration and tasting

Specialized Restaurant Start-up Services

  • Favorites from the Japanese kitchen: Ramen & gyoza, Japanese curry, and more
  • Creative, unique dish development to attract customers
  • Izakaya foods for informal dining and bar snacking
  • Sushi – traditional and modern
  • Staffing assistance and training
  • Sourcing advice and assistance
  • Complete project support from initial concept through full operation

Food Industries

  • Recipe and product development
  • Training and education on all aspects of Japanese cuisine and food products
  • Assistance with identification and selection of ingredient sources
  • Market and marketing assistance

Lectures, Demonstrations and Cooking Classes for mass audiences

  • Provide new information and insight to Japanese cuisine and food products
  • Make a memorable and meaningful corporate event with a demonstration and tasting
  • Exciting presentations and demonstrations at food festival events and conferences
  • Short or long, specialized or comprehensive custom designed course for culinary arts schools

Culinary Publications for Print and Electronic Media

You can trust Hiroko as a recipe developer and story teller for your special publication project – be it in print for a magazine or for online distribution. Hiroko is an experienced author of numerous magazine pieces, web postings and an author of award-winning cookbooks (James Beard Foundation Finalist, IACP Winner, IACP Finalist, and more). Hiroko travels worldwide and has produced many high quality informative and thoroughly enjoyable food articles.

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