Salt matters

Posted on Dec 13, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog

Salt is an essential nutrient, but over consumption of it is linked to several health risks such as high blood pressure. Most salt in our diet comes….

from meals eaten out of home and processed foods. In order to control the intake of salt, we should cook our meals at home using locally available fresh ingredients which have limited quantities of natural salt. Next, which salt to use in your kitchen matters a lot. I use artisan-made sea salt from Japan. Good salt is not just salty, but is packed with natural minerals that provide complexity – bitterness, sweetness and slight acidity to saltiness. You need a smaller quantity when using good-tasting salt, because it creates depth of flavor in your dishes. Nine years ago after moving to New York City from Japan I was frustrated with not being able to access to my life-line, my sea salt. In order to fill my constant need and passion for good salt I introduced my favorite, special salt into America, by helping a Japanese trading company to bring it to this country. This salt, Suzushio, which comes from the Prefecture where I was born, is available at Hiroko’s store. This very special salt is made in a very unique way, I will tell this story in my next post.