The Next Drink for Health-Fanatics?

Posted on Nov 30, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

Pine needles are not just for use as a cooking material. The Japanese black pine tree has a very long life span; around several hundred years. Because of this the Japanese black pine tree is a symbol of longevity in Japan. Soon the Japanese people are going to decorate the entrance of their homes with pine tree boughs and pine needles as part of the preparation for welcoming the God of the New Year. It is believed that the God of the New Year arrives at each house toward...

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Wholesome Vegetables: COOKING KABOCHA

Posted on Nov 25, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

After the harvest when kabocha is stored properly it remains fresh and delicious for the next 2 to 4 months. In order to survive this long kabocha is protected by a hard, green skin. Attacking it raw with a dull knife can cause you injury. The best way to soften it is to heat it in the oven. First rinse the kabocha thoroughly under tap water and clean with a hard scrub brush. The attractive green skin is quite edible so it should be clean. The skin becomes tender when it is...

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Wholesome Vegetables: Kabocha

Posted on Nov 25, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

Did you enjoy carving a large pumpkin for your Halloween party? Now it is time to venture into cooking it, but not the same orange decorative pumpkin. I recommend you select the smaller, pumpkin-shaped, green kabocha squash. Kabocha squash sounds to many ears that it originated in Japan. ‘Kabocha’, is now a genuine  Japanese word. But kabocha came to Japan from South America by way of the Portuguese who transported it to Japan. How it was named might have come from a...

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Posted on Nov 20, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

credit: KYUSHU WITH HIROKO Here is a piece of important hottest news from Hiroko’s Kitchen about Hiroko’s Japan Culinary & Cultural Tour in 2018. Hiroko will take you to the third largest island of Japan, Kyushu in November of 2018. Hiroko will be conducting a research trip to Japan to scout all aspects of the tour beginning on December 13th, 2017 in Japan.  During this trip follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Hiroko’s blog....

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Hakurei Turnips from Kieth Farm

Posted on Nov 16, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

  Kieth Farm’s Japanese Hakurei turnips sold by the farm itself at the Union Square Green Market in New York City are the very best quality turnips I know of. The flesh is smooth, juicy and is never rough or stringy. I buy one or two bunches (usually 5 medium bulbs with leaves in a bunch) every week for a traditional simmering dish and as part of a quick salad. I cook turnips in a traditional way that will be of interest to you. By cooking the turnips in this way we...

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