Dried bamboo husks, take no kawa

Posted on Aug 17, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

Dried bamboo husks are known to have sterilization property, so in the past it was an indispensable material for packing food items which were to be carried around for a relatively long time.  I remember my mother often packed onigiri rice balls and pickled vegetables in the dried bamboo husks for my school excursions or for our picnics.  While I was travelling from Tokyo to Fukuoka city in Kyushu, the southern main island of Japan, I purchased an ekiben (a bento lunch box sold at train stations – eki – for long distance passengers; there are hundreds of local specialty varieties at stations all across Japan – many are nationally famous) packed in this nostaltgic box made of dried bamboo husks.  I could not help but purchased it.  I have not seen such a thing in many, many years.