Candied Smoked Salmon?!

Posted on Sep 24, 2011 in Hiroko's Blog

Rob Tucker at Budget Car Rental suggested that I should visit a Smoke House, Hardy Buoys, when I asked about how to make the popular candied smoked salmon that we encountered nearly everywhere on the Pacific coast of Canada. It was in Prince Rupert where I was first introduced to this very unique smoked salmon. Unlike the standard salty tasting smoked salmon, the candied variety is cut into chunks and tasted sweet, salty and smoky. Here are some photos of how to make it. The secret is that the chopped fish is marinated in the mixture of brown sugar and salt overnight, and then hot smoked for about 5 hours. I wonder why we do not see this variety at food stores in New York City, or for that matter, I have never seen it anywhere in the US. (Does it exist in Alasaka?)