International Dinner at Cal. U

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

Chef Kotani from Soba Totto performed soba making at the International Dinner at California University, California, Pittsburg. Students enjoyed the soba made by Kotani and Ramen, by Hiroko. The theme of this year’s International Dinner was “Japan”. The room was beautifully decorated with dogwood flowers; large poster of Mt. Fuji occupied the entrance hall; Japanese music was played durign the dinner. Chef Jeremy and Rob, resident chef at a cafeteria and master chefs of Japanese cuisine!, prepared and supervised the yakitori, robata, sushi and rice and vegetable station. The ticket money was generously donated to the people who were affected by earthquake and tsunami last year in Japan. Thank you chefs and students for all of your generosity. Oh, there was one more attraction. A group of Japanese taiko drammer – they were not Japanese – played powerful, amazing and impressive taiko. Thank you very much for making the dinner event so memorable.