Mount Union College – the Winner of Platinum Chef Ohio!

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

Congratulations on the team from Mount Union College!!!

Came back from the Platinum Ohio event at Mout Union College. This educational and fun event is organized every spring by AVI Fresh. Five groups of five students – finalists – from Mount Union, Hiram, Kenyon, Malone, Tiffin College competed to cook up the best tasting and best presented meals for us, the judges. Students are required to used a “mystery” ingredient in all three dishes, including dessert. This year’s mystery ingredient was shrimp (shrimp in dessert???). This is my second year to be as a judge. Students come to the school without much information about the ingredients in the pantry as well. Students are given 90 minutes to collaborate and produce one appetizer, one main and one dessert. In this short and very pressed period the students produces quite creative, sometimes outstanding dishes. Here are some photos of the dishes which impressed me greatly.

Before the student’s contest, I did demonstration on shrimp noodles. Mixing the shrimp and white fish and piped it out into 1/8th inch thin noodles. I mixed the shrimp noodles with some soba noodles and topped with shrimp kakiage pancake. Everyone enjoyed it! Tim, thank you for your assistance during the demonstration.