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Why the Butcher Sells Potato Salad

Why the Butcher Sells Potato Salad

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Here is the photos of the Japanese butcher in Kanazawa City. The following is an expert from my upcoming, Hiroko’s American Kitchen (pub date October 30, 2012). Please enjoy the entire story when the book is out.

“…………………………..In Japan, butchers often sell korokke and other prepared food items. …………..In addition to meat items, no matter the size of their operation, butchers always produce and sell potato salad. A butcher and potato salad sound like strange partners, but butchers find that making and selling potato salad can boost their sales. The salad uses nearly the same ingredients that they employ in korokke and other preparations. Sadly for me, American butchers do not sell korokke. But I gained much here with my local butchers that I could not have in Japan, such as a large variety of fresh sausages, game, hams cured by various methods, and other charcuterie products…………”

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