Hiroko’s American Kitchen, Andrews McMeel

Posted on Nov 11, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

Hiroko’s American Kitchen was born out of my need to simplify my daily cooking in my own kitchen. After much thought and testing in my kitchen I settled on a system that reduced time and effort, but resulted in easily and quickly prepared, satisfying and nutritious meals. Recipes in my Hiroko’s American Kitchen are grouped into chapters based on 2 simple stocks and 4 “mother sauces”. I make and store these easily prepared basic ingredients in my freezer and refrigerator for quick and easy use in my cooking. I now live in America and shop in typical American supermarkets and green markets as do you. So, the partners for my stocks and sauces are readily available American produce, cuts of meat and seafood. The resulting dishes are easily prepared, Japanese-flavored East-West hybrids that appeal to American diners. Simplifying and speeding the process in this way results in wonderful meals that have universal appeal. My book shows you the secrets of this new way of cooking in your American kitchen with familiar American ingredients and techniques. Once you try these ideas for delicious, healthy and quick cooking, you will become as addicted as I have! You can order Hiroko’s American Kitchen with autograph on my Product page.