Miami Book Fair and Norman Van Aken

Posted on Nov 26, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

Miami Book Fair was indeed a big book fair. Norman Van Aken made me possible to participate this year’s Miami Book Fair. During the Fair I had the great opportunity to offer a cooking demonstration (from Hiroko’s American Kitchen) at Miami Culinary Institute where Norman sits as the Director of the culinary school. The school, MCI, “offers an education that is at the fore front of the industry by mixing a blend of classic skills and innovative techniques used by the world’s best chefs”. It also says that “the goal of education is to create professionals who will evolve the world’s food culture and, in doing so, provide a happier, healthier population and planet.”

MCI runs a restaurant called TUYO, which Norman supervises. I had a delicious, memorable dinner at TUYO during the Fair. When you visit Miami, have a dinner at TUYO. I strongly recommend it. It is not just the food but their quality hospitality makes you feel like you are treated with the most care.

Norman and his son Jason published MY KEY WEST KITCHEN. Luckily that I received the autographed copy from Norman and Jason! Reading this book, which comes with his anecdotes, local history and food culture, makes everyone want to visit the Key West and experience the history, culture and food with them.

Norman has accomplished so many things in his career so far and decorated with many awards. But, Norman is very modest. He is not the person who brags about himself and his business. Jason, his son, learned how to be clever in life from his father and mother. Jason is a wonderful person.

Norman has become a granpa! Here is the photo of third generation. Thank you very much Norman for being a good inspiration for many of us.