Toyota Event in Bogota, Columbia

Posted on Nov 26, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

My love to Bogota, Columbia, brought me back again to Bogota. This was my third visit within this year. I cooked for the event for Toyota. My right hand chef was Jeremiah. He is a really great guy to work and play together. He is a good dancer as well. When his restaurant opens…..I will loose the luxury to be with him. Here are some of the photos of dishes which we have created. For the reception we served a tofu-avocado square with gingered miso sauce, braised tender pork belly with passion fruit sauce, mini chawanmushi in a shot glass, beef roll and temarizushi. For lunch we served Shokado-Bento. The bento box was professionally made in Bogota according to the detailed specifications. The quality of craftsmanship in Bogota is very high. Very impressed. We filled each compartment with tempura – local beet, ajiaco, asparagus (no season in Bogota) and mushroom, sake-lee marinated & grilled local garoupa with braised chestnut (autumn favorite in Japan), tender braised pork belly with miso-passion fruit sauce and chirashizushi. We served hot chawanmushi with gingko-nut, a real treat in autumn in Japan.

Thank you Giuseppe, Francisco, Alvaro and Carlos for all of your work! Looking forward to see you again in Bogota.

Here are some of the photos from the Event to share with you.