Awesome to Find Fish in Rigor Mortis

Posted on Sep 19, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

kochokuI bought three sea bass at Blue Moon the other day. One of them was in rigor mortis. When I find such a fantastic stage of fish, I even kiss to my fish. “After a fish is dead and its flow of oxygen and blood has stopped, its body continue to burn energy, using glycogen stored in the liver and muscles. This leads to the anaerobic production of lactic acid, which changes the flavor and texture of the flesh.” (more information on the freshness of fish can be found in The Sushi Experience)

It took one and half day for this sea bass to begin to relax. I filleted the fish and enjoyed it in sashimi with peaked flavor and still pleasantly firm flesh. If you want to prepare fish in raw consumption – sashimi or seviche – please fillet very fresh fish in your kitchen to assure the maximum freshness of the fish and good hygiene practice.

Again, I hope to see you this Saturday, September 20, at Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY. I will be there from 1`1am to 2pm in the center of the market. Find¬†me under the¬†Greenmarket tent. You can watch how to fillet the fish and sample poached fish with my special sauces. The Japanese Kitchen, Hiroko’s American Kitchen and The Sushi Experience are on sale. Bring questions with you.