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Best Idea to Spend Time to Learn Ramen Last Evening

Best Idea to Spend Time to Learn Ramen Last Evening

Category: Hiroko's Blog

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Here are the collection of last evening Ramen class at International Culinary Center. Thank you very much for joing the class! I had lots of fun cooking with you.

Ramen lovers from all part of NY gathered last evening to learn how to make ramen at home – the delicious broth, ramen noodles, chashu pork, ramen egg,…..miso sauce.. At the end of the class each student assembled one’s own ramen bowl by cooking his/her noodles. It was a satisfactory feast!

In addition to Ramen we made a classic Gyoza. Everyone’s gyoza turned out to be super crisp on the bottom and steamy tender inside. Good job done!

There is a waiting list, so we will repeat a class sometime in April. Stay tuned.


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