Edible Garden Speaker Series at Ramapo College

Posted on May 9, 2016 in Hiroko's Blog

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A Big Thank You Note to Ramapo College https://www.ramapo.edu/, NJ, and its president Dr. Peter Phillip Mercer and Dr. Jackie Ehlert for holding the Japanese Dinner Event on May 4th.

I was honored to be there to prepare the dinner to 60 attendees and offer a talk – ‘What is Japanese Cuisine?’. My appearance was the 15th Havemeyer Edible Garden Speaker Series.

Havemeyer Eddible Garden is run and managed by Jacqueline Ehlert, a professor of dietitian and nutritionist.

All of the dishes for the meal are from Hiroko’s American Kitchen. Spring pea soups made with kelp stock and miso. Asparagus served with sweet and tangy Sumiso sauce. Flavored Sumiso marinated, grilled chicken. Every attendees enjoyed every sip and bite of the dishes. Big thanks to my assistant Ed, and David, John and Rino from the College Catering Department for producing the quality dishes.

For my talk on “What makes Japanese cuisine so different from other world cuisine” I dug deep in the area of ‘Shun’, seasonality, and ‘water and fire cooking of Japanese preparation.

I look forward to returning to the Ramapo College sometime during summer when the Edible Garden is filled with bounty crops.

Thank you again for giving me an opportunity to introduce Japanese cuisine to your wonderful audience.