Rained Out/Cancelled Out

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

Some day is hard to swallow. My teruteru bozu (which should have brought fine weather….) is not cooperating….

Rain and winds prevented two cruises from operating in the morning in Shiretoko and in the afternoon in Abashiri. Plan B was to walk to Fall Fureppe. Fall Fureppe is one of the three falls running down over the cliff (200 meter high) along the peninsula. The amount of water running down (ground water) is little, making very fine line of waterfalls. Hence it got a nickname as ‘women’s weep’. According to the locals less snow fall in the past couple of years are making the water line even thinner and thinner. Eventually there won’t be much weeping… After the walk & lunch we headed to our next destination Abashiri City and our hotel.

After checking in we made our way to Abashiri Prison to learn the history of Japan at the beginning of Meiji Period. We then visited the local glass store to have a hands-on glass making.

Local dinner in the town at the very popular spots, Sakanatei Kihachi, was a treasure. We fully savored Okhotsk seafood in variety of preparations: blue whelk, teriyaki style ‘Hokkaido hamo’, arctic char, chum salmon, octopus, squid, scallop, tuna, Okhotsk flounder.