Red Radish Chrysanthemum Flower

Posted on Aug 24, 2017 in Hiroko's Blog

On Day 2 of The Essentials of Japanese Cooking Course at International Culinary Center ( ) we marinated cod and salmon in miso marinade. Today, Day4, we removed the fish from the miso marinade and cooked them. Rich flavor of miso marinated fish was great. In order to serve this Yakimono (grilled fish) properly we made red radish chrysanthemum flower pickles. Watch how to do it on Instagram (hirokoshimbo). You can see the results in this photo. The crispy, sweet-sour pickled red radishes are not just a mouth refresher after eating the richly flavored fish. The pickles also entertain our eyes and tactile sensations. Try it or join the next The Essentials of Japanese Cooking Course. Cooking is fun and rewarding. Hiroko Shimbo